Thank God my wife is expecting a baby and it’s time to move. Yes one baby will make our apartment too small. Currently I live in a one bedroom third of a basement. Unless I and my wife sleep on a bunk bed there will be no room for a crib. My apartment is about 20 feet by 20 feet…

Actually I just got up to measure it its 17 and a half feet by 17 and a half feet with a bathroom kitchen eating area and bedroom. In any case since I have to move I’m going crazy to find a new apartment. The area I live in, rent is crazy high and the apartments are really old unless I pay three four thousand dollars to rent a newer Condo. I’ve been looking at apartments about 2-3 a day for the last week and still haven’t come up with something decent and normally priced. Now the thing that bugs me is the agent fee. I try my hardest to only deal with homeowners that rent out a section of their house to avoid paying an agent fee but sometimes you just can’t avoid it, which I guess I’m okay with. but now when you call an agent that wants to charge you 3 times the rent, you’re paying an agent $6000 to rent a $2000 apartment… Whatever… The point is that yesterday I had another another problem…

My car broke down and had to be towed and couldn’t see one of the apartments I was scheduled to view. Thankfully I called Edison Towing Services and they made the process so quick and easy. I just wanted to give them a shout out. They even towed my car to Newark and drove me to my viewing in Elizabeth. Isn’t that great? I mean most tow truck services are about the work they do not about being nice to the customers and perfecting their customer service. I was so impressed that a service like this, had such amazing customer service.towww

But it was really more than just customer service it was the understanding of my stress that I have no car and I had an apartment to view. That’s beyond business and is unexpected of such services. Thankfully there are some good people in this world and the job they do don’t define them.

I decided to write a blog about it to shout out to this amazing company. Check them out on Google+ or Facebook and like their page. If you are in Edison Newark or Elizabeth or really the rest of New Jersey to and you need roadside assistance for your car towed call someone who will understand the stress you are under without your car!


Is there a line to draw when it comes to safety?

In Vancouver canada they actually decide to take care of the international problem-disobeying the speed limit….They painted on the floor of one of the streets a 3d picture of a little girl. They made it look like there was a little girl standing in the street with a knapsack making you slow down until you realize that it is fake! Check out this video

I mean whats next? Maybe to enforce this they should make everybody drive around with the 3D glasses…..This is crazy! I mean I’m in to the fact that they want people to slow down and drive carefully. But i’m not sure how into the fact that they trick you in to thinking that there is a girl in the street! They do plan on using this in other areas too…

I never read You Tube comments but this time i actually scrowled down and  saw a comment that hit my eye. Ralph says that what if you are driving and suddenly see it and slam on your breaks causing the guy behind you to crash in to you??…That is a good point my friend! Thumbs up to that..If it was a Facebook post I would like it!

They are taking crazy measures in New York city. All the side streets are a 25 speed limit with 3 cops on your head! You get a ticket if you breathe while your driving! I was parking in a very tight spot so i released me seat belt and bammmmmm i got pulled over! I mean does that look like they care about me or NYC needs an extra 135 bucks in their very fat pocket! I was driving in Brooklyn and there was those meter maids giving tickets for expired meters and alternate sides. She passed a car that already had ticket on the right side. So she put another one on the left side, yelling at her other buddy “now it looks pretty Its got em on both sides!”

I respect cops and the sort but they need a balance of what they are doing to protect or to just to get. For some reason they are so self conscience they need to show off their power and kill every guy they arrest! I mean listen to whats going on in  the world these days..Just yesterday in Baltimore…

One of my friends told me a story that he witnessed a guy that just got a ticket on his window got out of the car and punched the meter maid in the face…I mean i did laugh, it was funny after all….but I’m not a fan..Ya know people hate cops because they abuse the fact that they have control while they are just there to protect, while these haters go to the opposite extreme that they don’t validate the fact that they do protect too….

It is probably the hardest job in the world…they have more haters than the presidents…That in it self is a reason to respect them and appreciate what they are doing to protect you.

It does not just apply to cops what about the Seals.. Yes they are all ego-monsters…But they risk their life 20 times a day to protect our country! This recently dawned on me when i watched American Sniper!

There was this mighty Tree Service guy that was an x seal. He used to live on my block and he would tell me about all the craziest stuff that would happen on his tours… I respect him! This guy saved my life…I mean I think….Click Here to see his website.

Please respect these guys although it comes with side effects.. if you don’t there will be none in 5 years and the world will be way outta control!

Did you like what you just read? I wouldn’t mind a compliment! Reach out to me on bottom!


The Second time around I was older. Oh how i wish i was wiser! The 2nd almost crash was a harder fall because I was beginning to together. As they say the higher you climb the harder you fall! Which was exactly what happened in my case…I was doing good, I had myself a decent job,my relationship with my parents was going well…But before i knew it, slowly but surely, pressure and foolishness got in the way. I was heading down hill pretty fast. Once one thing fell everything else began crumbling as well. My relationship with my mom came crashing down and went to a disastrous and dangerous place which led me to quit my job…vector illustration of muscle man

My parents were at loss, they had no idea what to do with me anymore. Especially after sitting home for a couple of weeks doing absolutely nothing! My parents got fed up and bought me a ticket to go to my brother halfway around the world!

And here is where my life changed!

I stayed with my brother for around 2 weeks…Spoke with him every night for about 3 hours. Slowly I just started to have this feeling open up inside me-a feeling of understanding. I suddenly understood why my mom was acting the way she was acting. I suddenly understood why my dad wasn’t always sticking up for me when my mom used to go off on a rampage at me  for absolutely no reason….

My mom a little while back, around 12 years ago was pregnant with my sister (that unfortunately never made it). To make a long story short the baby was leaning on a sist which eventually got too heavy, and teared up half her stomach.. She was in the hospital for a year and half separating the whole family of 11. Some siblings were in baltimore with grandparents, me and my 2 sisters were by a family friend and the oldest stayed at home with my dad..Crazy times…!

During the year and a half my mom was almost died like a bunch of times… She went into septic shock..The chances of getting outta that is very slim! She was strong enough to pull through but remained on medicine since. Not like tylenol, but like stuffs that screwed with her brain!

I remember one incident that our roof had like a bunch of holes in it and would leak in the attic every time it rained. My mom wouldn’t call a roofer because she was so pissed at me (it mainly effected my room). Until i being sick and tired of my room being wet called the Roofer in my dime. The roofer was so understanding of the whole situation and gave me a huge discount because i was paying for it! I’m definitely gonna refer him to you guys because he was so amazing! Brooklyn Roofers Check him out on Facebook and of course Google Plus! BIG SHOUT OUT TO BROOKLYN ROOFERS!!

That’s what I Knew but didn’t understand until my brother that was old enough to see the before and after of my mom’s life. I knew she was on medicine and i knew that sometimes it made her high.. But what i  didn’t know was that many times when it wore off and she was normal, the side effects of morphine crashing  came around….You see, i knew the difference when my mom was high or not i didn’t know that when she wasn’t high and she took the medicine yesterday, that her mood swings and temper tantrums were caused by the medicine.

If you see a crazy homeless guy on the street, and he starts cursing you out for no good reason, your not gonna flinch. Because you understand that he’s nuts! However if you see someone that appears to be normal that curses you out for no good reason, it hurts! My mom wasn’t high but she had crazy mood swings that made her go off on a rampage about nothing. That is what I  never understood, and took it really personally. That trip to my brother really helped! He was able to explain it to me because he knew that it wasn’t my mom’s nature to be like this because he knew her from before. He saw the transition and saw it directly coming from the medicine.

Now with the info that my brother gave me, my whole world opened up! I wasn’t constantly insulted anymore. When I was taking steps to better my self i wasn’t brought back down by mom. And from there my relationship with my mom got better. And now i got married shortly after that. With a lovely engagement with my mom being away for most of it…

I would love to connect with anybody that is going through something similar. You can message me on the bottom…


Did you ever take a minute to just sit and think about life? How about all the “What if’s?” Lots of us did, Most of us do. Majority of us sat and thought if I would have done this, than that would have happened or have been different etc. But all that that is pointless to do. We can’t change what happened in our lives but we most definitely can change what we are doing about the effects now. We need to man up and take responsibility for everything. That is the best way to make a change in your life. Once you take that huge leap (no its not just a step its a LEAP because it’s a huge thing to do) and take responsibility your halfway there.

There are so many ways to take responsibility. Why do people always wait till after the catastrophe hits home to do something? Why do people wait till they overdose to get to rehab? Everyone who is on drugs must have seen at least one other person over-dose. Pick yourself up and do something to make sure you don’t end up like that friend.  Or how about accidents that happen from drinking. Save you life and the others around you and get a taxi on the way home from the club!! What? a taxi is below you? Fine get yourself a limo. Be responsible. There are SO many precautions we can take to avoid having to do major damage control after. This Limo company probably saved my life so many times every time I use them it probably saves me from a drinking and driving accident..

I mean for me taking responsibility for my mistakes and actions was my turning point. I stopped lying to myself and to those around me and I stopped hating on them. Up until that point everything was their fault.

Part One: My first crash:  Everyone of my wrong actions led back to them. Them meaning my parents and who ever else was around. They were to blame and they were at fault. Or they pushed me and led me to do it. No they were not the ones to blame. I was to blame. Yes they did push me and they definitely pushed a lot of buttons, but at the end of the day it was me who didn’t live up to the challenge. I was the weak one. I let them get to me. I was the one who stole the car keys at 2 am. I had a choice in how to react. I could have controlled myself and I could have came out on top. But that is not what happened. I gave in to my desire of the moment. It was the perfect opportunity for me to grow and I chose not to. I took the destructive route. I took the car and went out and yes I got caught. After I got busted I blamed it on everyone around me it was all their faults. I supposedly did it to prove myself to them. Yea right! Who was I kidding. Once I started taking responsibility for my my wrongs that’s when my life started to change. I was becoming a new person. What made me change? I had hit rock bottom once before and I was coming quite close to my second. I was at the point that my own mom was ready to give up on me! The first time I had my crash to the bottom made me give up on myself. I thought I had no way out. I thought I was screwed and there was no way to fix it. I was so deep in it that I didn’t think my life was important in this world. I didn’t think I was needed. I was so selfish. At that point I didn’t think about those around me. I lacked the maturity to think of the consequences of my actions, oh and those few nagging thoughts were easily dismissed by me blaming my actions on everyone else and how it was their fault and they made me do it. This was all what led to crash number one. Getting over crash number one was not as hard as my second crash. I was still young and immature. I was not ready to take the steps needed to change myself and to be a better person. Also my parents were there for me. They helped me out of the hole I dug and tried to get me to stand up on my own feet. But I was not ready. So all I did was go right back to my devilish ways.

The second time around i almost gave up on myself again. But that’s for another time. Too much emotions for one sitting.