Hey what’s up? The previous blog was about the structure of Passover such as the way the holiday is split up. In this blog i’m gonna go in detail about the laws of cleaning and different customs and  what happens if you do come in contact with bread such as in a taxi or in a park……

The cleaning has to be done only in places where food is usually found, including bedrooms (unless there is a no food in room policy). All the cabinets have to emptied on wiped down.  All the dishes have to be cleaned and put away (cant use the same dishes for Passover and during the year as we will explain.


One may not use the same dishes from during the year to Passover even if he cleaned them well,  but there are a few exceptions….. The reason for this is because Jewish law has a theory hat if you used your dish for hot food there are particles that go into the dish and when you use the dish a second time for hot food it parts of it come out and goes into the food. Therefore one may not use the same dish that has bread particles init for Passover because some of it may come out causing you to consume tiny pieces of bread. Like wise you may not use the same dishes for dairy and meat since the law prohibits eating milk and meat together you also may not use the same dish because of the reason mentioned above.

Them exceptions are…Glass doesn’t have this science since there is no intake of particles its OK to use the same dishes for Passover and bread as well as milk and meat. Metal has this science but there is an option blow torching it. The extreme heat cleans the inside of the metal leaving it particle free. Since this is not so practical and a little dangerous, many people just have a separate set of metal dishes such as pots and cutlery.  (There are some places that have such a service available before Passover) China, Corelle, plastic and anything else of such a substance must be changed from year round to Passover and from milk to meat.


What happens if your house and car is all clean but your out of town spending the holidays with family. Your in a limousine and they serve cookies or whiskey (which is made of wheat and is prohibited on Passover). Now you may ask which Limousine company serves cookies and whiskey. Well your answer is this one. Click here check them out on Google Plus and guess what they even have Facebook!

Your answer is since you don’t own the Limousine your merely renting it its not considered possessing bread on Passover. How ever you may not touch it and of course not eat it. The same applies if your in a park and there are food stands you may not touch it, but you may stay in the park. since you don’t own the park  its not considered having bread in your possession.


The night before Passover there is a custom for the man of the house to go around with a candle of wax. In places that is dangerous to bring fire such as near windows that have curtains or near bed sheets you may use a flash light instead. The woman of the house puts out ten pieces of bread wrapped very well in a piece of foil (so that no crumbs stay behind). The husband goes around with his light and finds them. The next day he makes a fire and burns them.

Although the house is clean it is still a good custom for the man of the house to go around checking for bread. In many cases you will find things that the woman missed.


Many times you didn’t bother checking certain rooms because you thought that there is no bread in there. What really happened was that there was construction and one of the workers left part of his lunch in there, or what ever the case may be. In such a case where its in your possession and you didn’t sell it either, you are still OK! The reason for this is because the Rabbis decreed that we all say a passage before Passover that is freeing all bread that is in our possession that we may have skipped over. This makes the bread in a public domain leaving it out of our possession.

Please message me on the bottom if you have any questions, I will be more than glad to answer them!

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